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What Is the Link between Digital Twin and Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM)?

At Configit, we are often asked how Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) is used to support Digital Twins. Configuration Lifecycle Management can bring these same values and benefits, if not more, to Digital Twins in the manufacturing environment. But to understand how Configuration Lifecyc ... Read more

The Challenge of Scaling Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems have proven to be a highly valuable tool for designing and developing new products and systems. Together with systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), PLM has become a critical IT system supporting the product development process in manufacturi ... Read more

Why System-Level Configuration Is Critical for Renewable Energy Manufacturers

Like most B2B manufacturing companies today, renewable energy manufacturers are facing shortages of raw materials and parts due to supply chain issues. In addition, rising commodity prices and looming inflation, coupled with the highly competitive value-based business model of renewable energy ... Read more

The Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for the Metaverse

At our 2022 Configuration Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit, we heard from Dave Rhodes, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Twins, at Unity on the growing importance of the industrial metaverse. Dave outlined the importance of this future platform by posing three questions B2B ... Read more

How to Improve Customer Experience with CPQ

I recently found myself shopping for new window blinds and was surprised to find the company operated from a very thick, paper sales catalog. Considering the complexity, including fabric, opacity, color, material, not to mention size, room location, I found it bewildering they hadn’t implemente ... Read more

How a Strong Ecommerce Strategy Delivers Growth for Manufacturers

If you’re old enough to remember when Jeff Bezos just sold books online, you’re of an age that sees sales through a singular view. Perhaps not as antiquated as the door-to-door salesperson of the mid-20th century, but not too far off. Paper catalogs, telephone calls and in-person meetings seem ... Read more

Circular Economy: The Link between Supply Chain Resiliency and Sustainability

In 2021, the term ‘supply chain’ became part of the vernacular. No matter what you were looking for, from a loaf of bread to an automotive component, supply chain woes seemed to touch everyone’s life. In the complex world of global manufacturing, supply chain issues are long known to throw a wr ... Read more

7 Considerations for Moving from an Engineering Configurator to a Sales Configurator for Guided Selling

Your products, as they exist in your PLM and ERP systems, are essentially a set of parts and assemblies. Used within an engineering configurator, these parts and assemblies are represented as selectable options so that choices can be made that result in a final, buildable product. Read more

Enhancing Customer Choice through Sustainable Product Configuration

When we think of the “cost” of a product, we immediately think in financial terms. That’s because cost has primarily been associated with money for as long as any of us can remember. But that reality is now changing. A new measure of cost is emerging that is becoming more important for buyers a ... Read more

A Phased Approach to Implementing Configuration Lifecycle Management for Sales

As a provider of Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, we often meet customers who are keen to realize the benefits of a reliable, single-source-of-truth for product configuration information, but are unsure how to get started. It can be difficult to visualize what is involved, th ... Read more