Enhance Your Salesforce CPQ with a Powerful Configurator

Presented by Sigrún Ívarsdóttir, Product Manager, Configit

How can you enhance and accelerate the configuration part of your CPQ process?

It all starts with a powerful and reliable configurator. The ability to compute billions of possible product combinations in seconds means salespeople can spend more time selling and less time looking up information from multiple sources in order to provide an accurate quote.

With Configit’s new integration of the powerful configuration platform Configit Ace® and Salesforce CPQ, your customers and salespeople will have access to real-time configuration data, backed by the computational power of our patented compilation technology Virtual Tabulation®.

This out of the box integration creates an innovative platform for growth that can handle the most complex, configurable products on the market.

In this Tech Talk, Configit’s Product Manager Sigrún Ívarsdóttir explains the technical and business benefits of integrating Configit Ace® with your Salesforce CPQ, including:

  • Ability to configure highly complex products
  • More accurate and higher quality quotes
  • Creating a configuration platform for future growth
  • Aligning the organization to one single source of configuration truth
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