Configit - Model®

Advanced Interactive Product Configuration

Easily create, manage and maintain complex configurable products with Configit Model.
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Configit Model: Advanced interactive product configurators

Configurable and accessible product information

  • Import and adapt product information from ERP or PLM systems
  • Enhanced customer buying experience
  • Reduced errors in sales processes

No programming required

  • Easily define complex products
  • Minimal training for faster start-up

Testing and debugging tools

  • Analyze product models before release
Flexible, powerful, easy to learn product modeling

Powerful enough to solve a wide range of configuration problems, yet intuitive enough for users to easily define products, Configit Model is one of three modeling solutions available through CLM.

With Configit Model, complex products and embedded systems can be configured and sold in CPQ applications or custom configurators.

Declarative modeling

Unlike other product modeling environments, Configit Model frees the user from the constraints of a linear, prescribed process. Using declarative modeling, configuration rules can be written from any point in the process and in a way that is both logical and flexible.

Powerful configuration engine

Configit’s Virtual Tabulation® technology compiles every valid solution into the industry’s most compact, high performance format. This enables you to create and publish extensive product models containing thousands of rules and configuration options, easily distributing them to eCommerce sites, CPQ applications and anywhere else they will be used. Virtual Tabulation® technology powers a high performance configuration service with industry-leading load times and user responsiveness.