Configit Ace® Cloud

Build Enterprise-wide Product Configurators with Cloud-based Configit Ace®

Configit Ace® as a Cloud Service

Designed specifically for the cloud, the Configit Ace® Cloud deployment option provides
the same market-leading Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) capabilities and interfaces as the Configit Ace® on-premises offering.

This enables customers to choose the Configit Ace® deployment option that best suits their needs with the comfort of knowing that migration is possible if required.

Immediate Access Anywhere to CLM Single-Source-Of-Truth

Global access from 26 Azure global regions, enabling users to get immediate access from any location without additional IT support.

Integrate and synchronize any system supporting web-based interfaces no matter their location.

immediate access configit ace cloud

Sync with Critical Systems and Develop Your Own Configurators

Synchronize with critical manufacturing IT systems, such as PLM, ERP, CRM and CPQ.

Develop applications and tools for sales and service processes.

sync configit ace cloud

Enable Global Cross-Functional Collaboration

Global access allows employees in different departments in different locations to collaborate on developing new product models.

This ensures that all technical, manufacturing and commercial rules are included.

roles ace cloud configit

Meet Increasing Regulatory Requirements at No Extra Cost

Leverage cloud-hosting advantages of security, availability and recovery.

Configit Ace® Cloud is based on Microsoft Azure and takes advantage of the capabilities provided by Azure services.

Configit Ace® Cloud is certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27017.

regulatory requirements ace cloud configit
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As the core product of our end-to-end configuration platform, Configit Ace® delivers
power, speed and accuracy unmatched in the market.