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Eliminate product configuration errors and elevate business performance. Configit CLM is a comprehensive business configuration solution that empowers your enterprise to manage configuration rules across all business functions from a single source.

Because Configuration Is Bigger Than CPQ

If your company manufactures complex products, you understand the difficulties in managing product configuration data across business processes. CPQ systems solve the problem of creating a quote, but before you can quote a product, Product Engineering needs to develop it, and set it up. Engineering BOMs, CAD drawings, Engineering Change Orders – how does CPQ stay in synch? And once a quote is booked as an order, how do Sales Configurations become manufacturable bills of materials?

CLM addresses the most complex configuration challenges faced by businesses today

The differences in configuration paradigms employed by the different configuration technologies to solve particular types of configuration problems during a product’s life cycle through Product Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales etc., means that companies struggle when trying to integrate across the different domains. Companies end up selling products that cannot be manufactured or manufacturing products that cannot be sold.

Single Source of Truth

CLM addresses these problems by providing a “single source of truth” with regard to configuration information. Configuration rules are authored and managed independently of the PLM, ERP and CRM systems, and each system and business function has access to the central definitions.

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Product Development

Synchronize PLM and CAD systems, variant management, and configuration rules.

Configit Build for CAD integration, Configit Ace for PLM integration

Marketing & Pricing

Maintain a single point of control over configuration and pricing, while separating engineering from marketing rules. With Configit Ace you can define marketing rules to control effectivity, availability, and customer- and market-specific applicability. Execute configured product pricing at runtime using Configit Quote (Open CPQ).


It’s not enough to create an accurate quote for a configured product; usually the manufacturing bill of materials must be configured as well so the product can be correctly assembled and shipped. You can define configurable bills of materials (or BOMs) in Configit Ace and in our Configit Model products, so that the bills are automatically and correctly linked to sales configuration. There is a seamless flow of product configuration from quote to order to manufacturing.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Empower your sales force and partners so they can configure, price, and quote complex products both easily and efficiently. Reduce sales cycle time, minimize the need for extensive product knowledge, and guide users to just-right configurations that are always accurate using our Configure-Price-Quote products.

More information about CPQ, Configit Model and Configit Quote.

Omnichannel Selling

Enable user communities in all sales channels to configure and price your products. Use our Quote Portal to extend product configuration, pricing, and quoting capability to your partners. Build rich user experiences in B2C websites that integrate with our configuration and pricing APIs.

More information about Configit Model and Configit Quote.

Order Fulfillment

Convert quotes with configured products to orders in the Order Fulfillment system of your choice. Configure Bills of Materials so they can be seamlessly handed off to Manufacturing.

More information about Open CPQ for SAP.

Embedded Configuration

Our patented VT technology powers the most efficient, compact, high performance configurators in the world. Its flexibility and efficiency allows it to be used onboard products, to configure digital controls and licensing. Ship your product with a full set of features, and allow customers to configure access to licensed capabilities on the fly. Or connect the configurator to sensors to manage and fine tune product behavior in real time.

CLM Platform

The CLM Platform is based on Configit Ace, specifically designed for manufacturers of complex configurable products. Configit Ace supports all phases of CLM and integrates with PLM, ERP and other line-of-business applications to provide the “single source of truth” with regard to configuration information.

More information about Configit Ace

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